TIAF Regulations for Short Film Competition

About the Festival

The Short Films Competition for the 10th Taichung International Animation Festival - is organized by Taichung Film Development Foundation (TFDF) with the support of the Information Bureau of Taichung City Government, co-organizer assigned by the Animation & Visual Effects Association (AVA).


  • The maximum running time (including cast and crew) of these animations, regardless of the technology and medium used to create them, shall not exceed 25 minutes.
  • The entry must be completed after 1 January 2023 and no other version of the work can be entered previously.
  • In order to submit a "Taiwan Short Film" or "Taiwan Student Short Film", the director must be a national of Taiwan with a valid ID, or more than half of the production costs must be from Taiwan, or more than half of the production staff must be Taiwan (R.O.C.) nationals with a valid ID national. (Please refer to Article 5 in Criteria for Differentiating Domestic Motion Pictures and Non-Domestic Motion Pictures legislated by the Ministry of Culture R.O.C., revised on Oct 16, 2015.)
  • TFDF reserves the right to request the submitter to supplement or provide necessary documents to clarify the eligibility of the entrant. If the submitter fails to provide the documents as requested by TFDF, he/she shall be deemed to have forfeited his/her eligibility.

Competition Categories

  • Entries should be submitted to the following categories: "Short Film", "Taiwan Short Film", "Student Short Film", "Taiwan Student Short Film".
  • Applicants for the "Taiwan Short Film" category may also apply for the "Short Film" category.
  • The submitter applying for "Student Short Film" should be a student who is currently enrolled or still enrolled at the time of completion of the project. The submitter applying for "Taiwan Student Short Film " may additionally apply for the category of "Student Short Film".
  • The Jury has the right to recommend “Student Short Film” to the “Short Film” and “Children's Short Film” categories, and to recommend “Taiwan Student Short Film” to the “Taiwan Short Film” and “Children's Short Film” categories.
  • Applicants from each category may also apply for the "Children's Short Film". The works sent to the “Children's Short Film” should be suitable for children and should not violate any public policy or moral code.

Jury and Awards

    • Short Films

      • GRAND PRIX – prize money 500,000 TWD
        (Approximately 15,000 USD )
      • JURY DISTINCTION – prize money 100,000 TWD
        (Approximately 3,000 USD)
      • OUTSTANDING WORK – prize money 50,000 TWD
        (Approximately 1,500 USD)
    • Taiwanese Short Films
      • GRAND PRIX – prize money 150,000 TWD
        (Approximately 4,500 USD)
    • Student Short Films
      • GRAND PRIX – prize money 150,000 TWD
        (Approximately 4,500 USD)
      • JURY DISTINCTION – prize money 100,000 TWD
        (Approximately 3,000 USD)
      • OUTSTANDING WORK – prize money 50,000 TWD
        (Approximately 1,500 USD)
    • Taiwanese Student Short Films
      • GRAND PRIX – prize money 100,000 TWD
        (Approximately 3,000 USD)
      • BEST TECHNICAL AWARD – prize money 50,000 TWD
        (Approximately 1,500 USD)
      • BEST ARTISTIC AWARD – prize money 50,000 TWD
        (Approximately 1,500 USD)
      • BEST STORYTELLING AWARD – prize money 50,000 TWD
        (Approximately 1,500 USD)
    • Popularity Awards
      • CHILDREN’S CHOICE AWARD – chosen by popular votes, no cash reward
      • AUDIENCE AWARD – chosen by popular votes, no cash reward


  • The prize money provided for “Best Technical Award”, “Best Artistic Award” and “Best Storytelling Award” in Taiwanese Student Short Film is sponsored by Animation & Visual Effects Association (AVA).
  • All cash prizes must comply with the tax laws of Taiwan and the relevant tax must be withheld in accordance with the law (for residents of Taiwan or residents holding a profit-making business at a fixed location, 10% of the full prize or competition and game proceeds are subject to withholding. For individuals who are not residents of Taiwan or who do not hold a fixed place of profit, 20% is required to be withheld).
  • If there are multiple recipients of the same prize, the cash prizes shall be divided equally among the recipients.
  • If the entrant is making an independent production, the winner will be the director. For films produced by production companies, the winner will be the director and the main production company.
  • TFDF reserves the right to disqualify an entry if there is a dispute over its eligibility to be entered. The prize money will be withheld until the dispute is resolved.


  • The deadline for submission of entries is Sunday 30 June 2024. All applicants should complete the online application form on the competition website at twtiaf.com/2024rg, which must contain the following materials:

    • 1 photograph of the director(s). (300dpi or above, in JPG format)
    • 3 film stills. (300dpi or above, in JPG format)
    • All films with linguistic dialogue or narration, except those without dialogue, should have English subtitles. Films with Chinese dialogue or narration should be accompanied by English and Chinese subtitles and should be provided with time-coded text of the dialogue or relevant narration in SRT, DOC, DOCX or TXT format.
    • 1 web link to the full film. (Please upload the film to a website or cloud storage where it can be viewed and downloaded online, or submit it via Filmfreeway).
  • The format submitted must be MOV (ProRes 422) or MP4 (video codec: H.264) with a resolution of 1920✕ 1080 or above.
  • The work should be available by 31 October 2024 for the duration of the web link to the full film submitted.
  • If the work is submitted for registration in the name of a company, the submitter should be the production company, the projection company or the distribution company. If the work is submitted in the name of an individual, the submitter should be the director or producer of the registered film. If this is not the case, a letter of authorization from the copyright owner and relevant supporting documents(please refer to the attached document) should be provided for retention by the TFDF and for future reference.


  • NO entry fee will be charged for this competition.
  • The jury will only make decisions on completed films. Incomplete films (works in progress) will not be considered.

Film Selection

  • The official films will be selected by TFDF in collaboration with a selection of professionals and academics from domestic and international animation experts. The review process consists of a preliminary and a final review.
  • The selected films will be announced on the official website twtiaf.com by 8 August 2024.
  • If the film submitted is selected, TFDF will notify the submitter by email and request the materials required for publication and screening.
  • Selected films may be withdrawn from the competition by submitting a request to TFDF on or before 14 August 2024 (including the submission deadline). After that date, any withdrawal requests will not be considered.
  • The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony, on the official website and on relevant social networking sites.

Screening Copies

  • Once notified, the selected film entrant must provide a complete copy of the film by 26 August 2024. Films with non-Chinese dialogue or narration should be accompanied by English subtitles. Films with Chinese dialogue or narration should be accompanied by both English and Chinese subtitles. Entrants may choose to provide the following formats:
    • DCP(subject to industry standards for theatrical exhibition)
    • MOV (ProRes 422) format is recommended. MP4 (codec H.264) format is also acceptable.
  • Participants are advised to use a preferred cloud storage service (Google Drive, WeTransfer, FTP, etc.) to upload their files (all of the above formats are acceptable). A valid URL and password must be provided or the file must be saved on an external hard drive or USB 3.0 flash drive and sent via courier (DHL, FedEx, EMS, etc.) to the following address:Taichung Film Development Foundation
    Taichung International Animation Festival - Short Films Competition
    9F-2, No.186, Dadun 19th St.,
    Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407,
    Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • If an entrant fails to comply with the above rules, including deadlines and formats, TFDF reserves the right to assume that the entrant has voluntarily forfeited his or her place.

Shipping and Insurance

  • All shipping costs and related expenses, such as insurance and customs duties, shall be borne by the sender. The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the TFDF.
  • The packaging of a film copy from abroad should be marked: "Temporary import. No commercial value, for cultural purposes only" and must be accompanied by a pro forma invoice of a maximum value of 20 euros or 20 dollars.
  • TFDF will return the copy of the film to the address provided in the online entry within 14 working days of the event. If the participant wishes to do otherwise, please inform TFDF.


  • The applicant must be the copyright owner of the film, or have obtained the authorization of the copyright owner. A letter of authorization from the copyright holder must be provided to TFDF (Please refer to the attached document) for future reference.
  • If the film quotes other works, including images, sounds, etc., permission must be obtained from the intellectual property owner. TFDF does not tolerate any form of plagiarism.
  • TFDF reserves the right to disqualify a submitted film and recover the prize if there is any dispute over intellectual property rights. The entrant is responsible for any related legal matters.

Duties and Obligations

  • The entrant shall provide a copy of the film during the period of consideration by the Jury (15 April to 31 October 2024) and agrees to show the film free of charge during the period of consideration by the Jury. TFDF will not pay for the screening of the film selected for the competition and related events.
  • The participant shall consent to TFDF recording the event site by photography, audio, video or any other means and to the necessary editing of said recording, and TFDF is the author of said recording. Entrants are obliged to provide such texts, pictures, images and other materials as TFDF may request. Nominees are encouraged to participate in festival-related activities.
  • Entrants shall agree (or have obtained authorization to agree) to the free use of their information (including reproduction of texts, stills, posters, films, trailers and other materials) by TFDF, which shall have the right to adapt and compile (including but not limited to adding English and Chinese subtitles, producing promotional videos, etc.) the shortlisted films free of charge for use in the 2023 TIAF program, catalogue, official website and other promotional materials of TFDF also has the right to broadcast clips from the shortlisted films free of charge on television, online or other media for promotional purposes.
  • Submitters from Taiwan should agree to authorize TFDF to compile the film information into a "Best Taiwanese Animated Short Film Book" and use it to promote the festival locally and internationally.
  • In addition to granting the organizer the right to use the shortlisted video works in accordance mentioned above, the finalists are free to choose whether or not to grant the organizer the right to use the shortlisted video works and to arrange for the broadcast of the video works for public welfare and non-profit promotion activities to serve people in remote areas such as children and communities.(The consent form is shown in Annex 2.)
  • The winner shall agree (or be authorized to agree) that the Transition Foundation shall unconditionally edit some of the films into the "Best of Taichung International Film Festival" and use them for local and international promotion of the festival, or for public broadcast, public display, or public dissemination in the context of non-profit promotional events. (e.g. Taichung International Animation Festival, Taichung International Animation Day, Taichung International Film Festival award-winning film tour.)
  • The producer and director of the winning film should affix the competition's laurels to all promotional materials for the film. The image files of the winning film are the responsibility of TFDF and may not be adapted as a laureate file.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  • Upon completion of registration, entrants shall agree to and understand the above terms and conditions without reservation.
  • These Rules and Regulations shall be printed in the Chinese and English languages. In case of dispute, the content in Chinese shall be considered for interpretation and understanding and the laws of Taiwan (People's Republic of China) shall prevail. Entrants agree that the Taichung District Court in Taiwan shall be deemed to be the court of first instance.
  • In response to COVID-19, the Festival will modify submission rules (including but not limited to adjusting competition submission times, nomination announcements, ceremonies, etc.) or postpone the event in accordance with government policy. Entrants are expected to cooperate in modifying their entries during the video licensing period and other designated events of the festival. For any outstanding matters, please refer to the latest announcement on the official website twtiaf.com.


Group of Taichung International Animation Short Films Competition, Taichung Film Development Foundation
Telephone: +886-4-2323-6100 #21 / Wendy
Email: tiaf.competition@tfdf.org.tw